Psychological Benefits of a Whiter Smile

A white smile can have a tremendous impact on your self-confidence. It has the potential to benefit your career and relationships too! Let’s take a look at the psychological benefits of a beautiful smile and why you should consider professional teeth whitening.

Promotes a positive mood:

Smiling initiates neural messaging to release endorphins and serotonin which elevate your mood. Every time you smile you relieve stress and increase your happiness. It’s a chain reaction! The more you like your smile, the more you’ll want to show it off and the happier you’ll be!

Better first impressions:

Smiling at someone activates a part of the brain which processes sensory rewards. This means that another person can feel rewarded by your smile! Smiling has been shown to make you appear more confident, charming and trustworthy. Smiling can also increase the chances of a positive first impression.

Enhances networking:

In a recent AACD survey, three-quarters of participants thought that an unattractive smile hurt a person’s chance of career success. Studies show that when you have white teeth you tend to be more social! White teeth give you the confidence to strike up a conversation that allows you to make great connections.

Smile with confidence! Make an appointment with us at Quarry Park Dental in Calgary to find out how we can improve your smile with professional teeth whitening. We love to help Calgarians improve their smiles, so they can reach their potential!

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