How Long Should You Brush Your Teeth For?

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Whether you’ve decided to become oral health-conscious before the upcoming holidays or want to help your child adopt a useful habit, it’s time to learn how long you should brush your teeth for.

Dentists all over the world see unfortunate results of improper tooth brushing. By giving your smile a little more attention every day, you can avoid spending extra time in your dentist’s chair.

The Canadian Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth for at least two minutes. Spend one minute on each row. After you are done, don’t forget about the tongue.

The majority of people, especially children, finish their brushing efforts before the first minute is up. What can you do to ensure proper brushing for your family members?

  • Invest in an electric toothbrush – these toothbrushes make the process fun while doing a better job than their regular counterparts.
  • Set a timer – you can buy a timer to make sure you don’t stop before the time is up.

No matter how well you brush your teeth, the effort isn’t worth it if the toothbrush is old. When you start following the two-minute rule, you’ll notice your toothbrush giving out much faster than it did before.

It’s important to replace your toothbrush every three months to ensure proper brushing results and prevent bacteria growth.

Pay special attention to your children’s toothbrushes. Kids tend to brush their teeth more vigorously than adults do. You may want to replace your child’s toothbrush once every two months.

Here are a few tricks to keep your toothbrush in top condition:

  • Store your brush away from the toilet so germs don’t settle on it when you flush.
  • Clean your toothbrush holder thoroughly once a week.
  • Don’t use toothbrush covers. They don’t allow the toothbrush to dry, thus creating an excellent environment for bacteria growth.

Follow our oral health recommendations and enjoy a healthy smile all year long! Contact us for more information today.

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