What Are Laser Dentistry Treatments and How Are They Performed?

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In recent years, there has been a surge in demand for laser dentistry services. This technology is known to be less painful and more precise than many traditional dentistry practices.

With this type of dentistry, intense beams of laser light are utilized to perform a wide variety of dental treatments, including soft tissue removal and shaping. We at Quarry Park Dental, use this advanced technology for various treatments and dental conditions.

Types of Dental Laser Treatments

There are different types of dental lasers for treating various conditions. Each has a different laser light wavelength that determines what it will be used for. Diode lasers and carbon dioxide lasers are the most prevalent types of dental lasers used in the treatment of various soft tissue problems.

Before deciding which type of laser needs to be used, your dentist will conduct a thorough examination and take x-rays. Depending on the procedure, the laser beam is directed at the affected area to whiten the teeth, harden the filling, or even dissolve soft tissue. This technology is safe and causes far less discomfort and anxiety than traditional treatments.

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