Wisdom Tooth Extraction


At The Dental Room in Calgary, we perform both simple and complex wisdom teeth extractions. In the case of a severely impacted tooth, we may refer the patient to a trusted oral surgeon. The removal of wisdom teeth is best done during the late teens or early twenties to avoid unnecessary risks later on when the tooth roots have matured.

Common Complaints or Problems that Can Occur When Wisdom Teeth Emerge:

Sometimes there is not enough room in the jaw to accommodate these teeth, and they may become completely or partially impacted (unable to break through the bone or gum tissue).

Wisdom teeth can also fracture during their eruption and cause gum tissue to partially grow over them. Food and bacteria tend to get trapped between teeth and tissue, causing inflammation and discomfort.   Wisdom teeth can often come in at an angle, which is ineffective for chewing and problematic when it comes to comfort. This can also cause tooth crowding.

Other serious problems can arise from impacted teeth, such as damage to adjacent teeth and bone, or the development of a cyst or abscess.

Symptoms – When to Consider Having Your Wisdom Tooth Removed

· A headache or localized pain in the area of the budding wisdom tooth
· Jaw swelling
· Swollen or bleeding gums
· Strange taste in the mouth
· Jaw stiffness or swollen lymph nodes in the neck
· Tooth appears to be coming in sideways or tipped

The extraction of wisdom teeth can be completed to alleviate discomfort and prevent future problems from arising.

If you have developed an abscess or infection, The Dental Room will provide you with antibiotics to clear it before the extraction takes place.

About The Procedure

We provide a local anesthetic and the option of oral conscious sedation for those who need it.

Removing a wisdom tooth or teeth is a common, simple procedure, typically lasting one to two hours. A folded gauze pad will be placed over the extraction site and you will be supplied with replacement pads to last you a few days In most cases, we will prescribe a painkiller to help maximize comfort during the first days of recovery.

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