Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy 

Toothaches are often the final warning that a tooth is in jeopardy of being lost. The silver lining to a toothache is that it is still not too late to save the tooth. Preventing tooth loss ensures optimal chewing function, protects the health of other teeth, and it maintains the natural beauty of your smile.

If you are experiencing the agony of a toothache, give Dr. Kirpaul Chattha and Associates a call. The Dental Room office serves people in Calgary and surrounding areas with gentle and quality care, so teeth remain pain-free, appealing, and healthy.

Causes of Toothaches

Teeth consist of three layers: the enamel, the dentin, and the inner chamber, or pulp. Tooth decay that affects the enamel and dentin is treated with fillings, but when decay reaches the pulp, usually a dentist recommends root canal therapy to eliminate pain and preserve the tooth.  Many people fear root canal therapy, and although it takes longer, it is no more painful than a tooth filling.

People need to take toothaches seriously. If the infection is not promptly treated, it can create an abscess and endanger the health of neighboring teeth. The infection can also enter the bloodstream and circulate to other vital organs. Serious health risks result if toothaches are left untreated.

Dr. Kirpaul Chattha and Associates Provide Restorative Root Canal Therapy

The pulp of a tooth consists of nerves that become painful and inflamed when infection is present. Dentists relieve the symptoms of a toothache by creating an access point in the crown of the tooth. Small dental files are inserted into the tooth to remove the infected pulp from the tooth’s inner canal. Afterward, the canal is disinfected, and the dentist places a substance called gutta percha inside to seal the chamber.

Usually, when teeth require a root canal, advanced tooth decay has damaged the tooth. After a root canal, the tooth can also become brittle. Dr. Chattha and Associates cap treated teeth with crowns to protect the tooth from further damage and permit the tooth’s function to continue.

The Dental Room Preserves Beauty and Function with Quality Dental Crowns

Dr. Chattha and Associates offer several different types of high-quality crowns made of ceramic, porcelain, and zirconia. Depending on the unique conditions of your teeth and your preferences, Dr. Chattha and Associates consult with patients to determine which type of crown is best for them.

An impression is taken, using a molding paste, and our highly skilled dental lab designs a crown to the specifics of your teeth. Crowns shine with the same luster of natural smiles, and they are matched to neighboring teeth. Crowns are also strong and last a lifetime.

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If you are experiencing a toothache, Dr. Kirpaul Chattha and Associates gently relieve pain and expertly restore teeth, so you can have a natural and beautiful smile. He serves people living and working in Calgary. Call The Dental Room now for immediate service!