Nutrition for Your Oral Health!

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Proper nutrition is essential for your overall health, including your oral health too! This means eating a balanced diet in order for your body to get the nutrients it needs. For children this is especially critical as they continue to grow and develop. Without the right nutrients their teeth may not develop properly! In order for them to develop strong, decay-resistant teeth, children need a balanced diet. Their diet should also emphasize on nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous and the proper levels of fluoride.

A balanced diet consists of the following nutrients:

  • Some carbohydrates
  • The essential fatty acids (found in fats)
  • The essential amino acids (found in proteins)
  • 15 vitamins
  • Approximately twenty-five minerals
  • Water

An insufficient diet can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Foods that are high in carbohydrates, sugars and starches also greatly contribute to the production of plaque acids that attack tooth enamel. Eventually, these acids can your tooth enamel to break down, ultimately forming a cavity.

The new Canadian Food Guide shows proper nutrition for you and your family! They provide helpful tips and recipes to keep you on the right track. If you have any questions about nutrition for your oral health, contact us at Quarry Park Dental in Calgary!

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