The History of Toothpaste

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Oral hygiene has been important as early as 5000 BC, when Egyptians used a paste to clean their teeth prior to the invention of toothbrushes.

Toothpaste is an important part when it comes to brushing your teeth. Without it, cleaning your teeth wouldn’t be complete! Let’s review the history  of toothpaste and how it all began!

The Egyptians created the most ancient form of toothpaste. In ancient times, the Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Indians were also known to have used toothpaste as well. In the past, toothpaste was used similar to how we use it today – to freshen breath, clean gums and whiten teeth. However, the ingredients used back then to make toothpaste are much different than today. In the west they used crushed bones, oyster shells and eggshells combined with pumice and the powder of ox hooves. In the east, the Chinese used herbs and spices as their toothpaste.

In the late 18th century, toothpaste became more advanced. During this time, toothpaste was made from soap. In succeeding years, other ingredients such as chalk, betel nut, and ground charcoal were added.

In 1873, the Colgate company commercially distributed toothpaste in a jar. In 1890, toothpaste was introduced in a tube. In 1914, Fluoride was introduced as an ingredient in making toothpaste due to its properties to prevent tooth decay. Today toothpaste comes in many forms – gel like, creamy textures, different flavours and with many different properties depending on your needs.

Toothpaste plays a vital role in brushing our teeth. If you have questions on oral hygiene products or how to keep up good oral hygiene, contact us at Quarry Park Dental in Calgary!

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