Do You Have A Stressed Smile?

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As your oral health is closely tied to your overall health, it’s no surprise that stress can do damage to your smile. Between lockdowns, closures, and stay at home orders, now more than ever it’s important to try to mitigate your stress. At Quarry Park Dental, we want to give you some insight on how stress can impact your smile, and provide some tips and treatment options to help you make it through!

How Is Stress Impacting My Smile?

A common symptom of stress is teeth grinding. Also known as “bruxism”, this is when a patient is constantly biting or clenching their teeth. If done chronically, it can have many negative effects such as damaged or chipped teeth, headaches, and sore jaw muslces. 

As stress releases cortisol, it can have an adverse impact on our gums and cause inflammation. As this lingers and becomes oral disease, it can start to damage the nearby teeth and will eventually worsen over time. 

Another common stress symptom is dry mouth. Although not painful, dry mouth can cause a buildup of bacteria which often leads to periodontal disease, cavatives and bad breath.

What Can I Do To Help?

Don’t freak out about your stress. At Quarry Park Dental, we have a variety of different treatment options to help you through difficult times. Mouth guards are a fantastic tool to help combat bruxism as it will protect your teeth if you are grinding. We also recommend coming in for additional check-ups and cleanings when you are feeling stressed. As dry mouth and gum inflammation can cause harm to your teeth, it’s best to have a professional opinion to make sure it doesn’t create a bigger problem down the road!

For those who have already experienced chipping or worn down teeth, we offer a variety of cosmetic treatments that can help! Bonding and porcelain crowns are just a few things we can do to get that smile back on track. After assessing you, we can provide a customized treatment plan and start right away!

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