Oral Health Awareness Month – How To Brush

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April is National Oral Health Month! What better way to celebrate than with some oral health knowledge. At Quarry Park Dental we want our patients to feel confident in their at-home oral care. Most people feel they know how to brush their teeth, but may not diligently practice or have developed bad habits.  Let’s review proper brushing techniques to help get you back on track!

Proper brushing takes two minutes, only 120 seconds! However, many people do not come close to that 120 second mark. They end up falling short of this time and as a result miss cleaning their mouth thoroughly! Be sure to use short and gentle strokes when brushing. Remember to pay extra attention to your gum line and your back teeth, which can be hard to reach! Clean all surfaces of your teeth, include outer, upper, inner and lower. Don’t forget to brush your tongue too!

To ensure proper technique, brush at a 45 degree angle against the gemlike and sweep the brush away from the gums. When brushing the inside of your teeth (or the chewing surface) use short back and forth strokes.

If you have questions about your oral care habits at home or want to learn more contact us at Quarry Park Dental in Calgary! We are happy to keep Calgarian smiles healthy and strong!

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