Why Should I Clean My Tongue?

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Cleaning your tongue is an important step to a healthy oral hygiene routine. At Quarry Park Dental, we want our patients have healthy smiles –  which includes the knowledge of at-home oral care. Here are some helpful tips on tongue cleaning!

tongue scraper is an oral hygiene tool used to clean the surface of the tongue. They are usually available to purchase at a local drugstore in either a plastic or metal, depending on your preference. Some toothbrushes have built-in tongue scrapers too.

Tongue scraping is considered a fast way of removing food residues from your mouth, which if neglected can cause halitosis or bad breath. Here’s how you should use one:

  • Clean your tongue either before or after brushing your teeth. Start scraping at the back of your tongue and slowly work your way forward to remove the food or other buildup away from your mouth.
  • Be sure to rinse the scraper under warm water after each scrape against your tongue. Make sure to use light pressure when scraping your tongue to prevent bleeding. Concentrate your efforts on the centre of the tongue, where the majority of the odour-causing bacteria lives.
  • It’s important to also clean the sides and the back of your tongue. Gargle with water or mouthwash after cleaning your tongue.

Cleaning your tongue is just as important as brushing and flossing your teeth. Be sure to make tongue cleaning part of your oral care routine for a healthy smile! If you have questions about your oral hygiene, contact us Quarry Park Dental in Calgary. We are here to help your smile stay healthy and beautiful!

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