4 Ways to Continue Making Dental Hygiene a Priority This Year

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Did you make improved dental hygiene one of your resolutions for 2020? While it’s a great idea and an important resolution, making dental hygiene part of your daily routine takes continual effort–and it can quickly fall by the wayside when you get busy or have other priorities on your mind. Try some of these strategies for improving your dental hygiene even with a busy schedule.

1. Schedule your next dentist appointment at the end of your last one.

No, you don’t know what your schedule is going to look like in six months–and that’s okay. Schedule your appointment at a time that usually works for you, then commit to being there if at all possible. By scheduling your appointment well ahead of time, you ensure that you don’t forget, allowing your appointment to fall through the cracks in your schedule.

2. Keep floss or floss picks in your car.

Do you often fall into bed at the end of the night, almost too tired to remember to brush, much less floss? Instead of trying to floss at the end of the day, try flossing when it’s convenient for you: when you have an extra few minutes before you start your day or while you’re waiting to meet a friend, for example. You might just discover that you genuinely love the feeling of clean teeth!

3. Take a moment to brush after meals.

Letting food particles sit on and between your teeth is a great way to cause plaque buildup. Instead, take a few minutes to brush after meals: duck into the bathroom before restarting your shift. Carry a travel toothbrush in your purse or briefcase or keep one tucked at your desk or in your locker to make this easier.

4. Choose your meals with care.

Instead of choosing high-sugar foods that are bad for your teeth or indulging in coffee, tea, or soda with every meal, try drinking water–and make healthier choices when you prepare your meals or select your restaurants. Not only is it better for your body, it’s better overall for your teeth.

Have you decided to make dental hygiene a priority this year? Start by scheduling your next dental appointment in Northeast Calgary today. Contact us at Quarry Park Dental to learn more.

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