New Opportunity: Our Team is Growing At Quarry Park Dental!

We are excited for our team to be growing at Quarry Park Dental in Calgary. Our team led by three dentists, Dr. Gill, Dr. Chattha and Dr. Sonuhi have an additional position available. We are currently hiring for two positions: Full-Time Registered Dental Hygienist and Part-Time Administrator. For the role of the Full-Time Registered Dental Hygienist, we are looking to fill this position immediately for training and full-time in September.

Be apart of our dynamic, fun and exciting team at Quarry Park Dental! We offer general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services, orthodontics, periodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery and pediatric dentistry. We are well known in Calgary and the Quarry Park business community!

Send in your application to apply to work with us today! We look forward to meeting you and providing opportunities for growth and development in an exciting atmosphere! E-mail us at

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