Now’s the time for a smile makeover

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Whether you’re grabbing groceries or going to work, you are likely doing so with a face mask on. Now could be the perfect time to make the change and achieve the smile you’ve always wanted! Quarry Park Dental offers a variety of treatments that could not only change the way you look but improve your oral health too! 

Get A Head Start!

While we hope for the best, some Canadian health officials think masks could be around for the next few years. During this time, you could be using Invisalign. This is a clear aligner that gradually shifts your teeth and has an average treatment time of only 12-18 months! Long gone are the days of uncomfortable mouth molds. When assessed for Invisalign, we use 3D imaging technology that takes accurate scans of your mouth and bite. You’ll need to change your trays every few weeks, but will only need to come see us every six to eight weeks, making this a great treatment for being at home! 

Quick Fixes

For those who may not want to commit to a long term treatment, cosmetic dentistry is a great solution. These quick and often same day treatments can fix a wide variety of issues you may be facing with your smile. Teeth whitening, bonding, porcelain crowns and veneers are just some of the cosmetic treatments we offer! These changes will give you that little extra confidence and you’ll feel good showing off your new smile when the mask finally comes off!

Visit Us In Calgary!

Between face masks, social distancing, and work from home, now could be your time to improve your smile. Dr. Kirpaul Chattha, Dr. Sonuhi, Dr Gill, and our team would love to assess your smile goals and present to you your customized treatment plan. For those who aren’t able to come in, we would love to see your smile on camera! We offer both virtual and in person consultations. Our clinic also offers braces and wisdom tooth extraction. Give us a call at 403-917-1671 to book your appointment today!

Change the look of your smile today!
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