Your Oral Health Can Reflect Your Overall Health

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There are many benefits to taking good care of your oral health, including better breath, whiter teeth and a decreased risk for tooth decay. What many people aren’t aware of is that good oral health can help with your overall health and as well!

How Does Oral Health Affect Overall Health? 

As mentioned by our friends at Colgate, bad oral health “may increase your risk of serious health problems such as [a] heart attack, stroke, poorly controlled diabetes and preterm [labour].” Your oral health and general health work together in harmony to help keep your entire body healthy and functioning properly. By maintaining a consistent oral hygiene routine, you can reduce the amount of plaque in your mouth. Plaque build-up can start to cause inflammation in your gums and can lead to much more serious health concerns.

According to the Canadian Dental Association, good oral health can also contribute “positively to your physical, mental and social well-being and to the enjoyment of life’s possibilities, by allowing you to speak, eat and socialize unhindered by pain, discomfort or embarrassment.”

What Can Your Oral Health Reveal About Your General Health? 

Your oral health can act as a window to your overall health. There are certain systemic conditions such as diabetes or AIDS that are often first identified in a patient’s mouth. Saliva plays a big part in identifying certain health conditions through the oral cavity. Saliva testing can detect certain cancers, hormone levels, environmental toxins and even more! In fact, research shows that 90% of all systemic conditions will produce an oral warning sign.

Improve Your Oral Health In Calgary! 

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