The Most Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

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Cosmetic dentistry can have a huge impact on the appearance of your teeth, lips, and smile. This field includes several different procedures that can fix imperfections and transform the appearance of anyone’s smile. At Quarry Park Dental in Calgary, we’ve noticed that some cosmetic procedures are more well-known and popular than others. Here’s a brief introduction to them to help you understand the disparity:

  1. Teeth Whitening

This is the most common cosmetic dentistry procedure. It involves a combination of in-office and at-home treatments that brighten the color of your natural teeth by several shades. The treatment is effective and will improve the appearance of your smile. Teeth whitening involves a custom whitening tray and a whitening agent. You can look years younger by having whiter teeth!

  1. Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are made from porcelain, which means they’re both translucent and look similar to natural teeth. The veneers are thin and sit comfortably on top of your teeth. They disguise discoloured, cracked, and chipped teeth to give your smile a more even and healthy appearance.

  1. Invisalign

This is the most preferred treatment for crooked and misaligned teeth. Invisalign treatment includes clear aligner trays that gently move your teeth back until they’re in the desired position.

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