Protect Your Oral Health This Cold And Flu Season

Cold and flu-triggering viruses are more active in the winter. So, around this time of year, more people are likely to feel under the weather. As COVID-19 is still a large concern, it’s more important than ever to take the proper health precautions to protect yourself from getting sick.

While the need to observe WHO’s health and safety protocols in curbing the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses is emphasized, maintaining good oral health during this cold and flu season is also important. Save your mouth from the threats posed to it by cold and flu by following 4 simple tips:

  1. Avoid Sugary Cough Drops

Most people with a cold and/or flu often suffer from a sore throat. Unfortunately, most cough drops are filled with sugar and pose a risk to your dental health. Safeguard your dental health by only consuming sugar-free cough drops. Sucking on sugar-free cough drops while your sick will also help with saliva production, reducing your risk of dry mouth.

  1. Increase Your Fluid Intake

Some cold and flu medications tend to dry up the mouth, creating a breeding ground for cavity-causing bacteria. Make sure to take the proper cold and flu medication, but drink enough water to ward off bacteria and protect yourself against cavities and gum disease. Try taking a water bottle with you wherever you go in your home to remind yourself to hydrate!

  1. Follow Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Being sick is not an excuse to forget about your oral hygiene routine! As you medicate and fill up on soup, don’t forget that any leftovers in your mouth may blend with saliva to create deposits between the gums and teeth. These deposits could attract cavities and gum destroying bacteria. Optimizing your brushing habits could clear off the bacteria deposits before they become a cause for concern.

  1. Be Mindful Of Sweeteners

A hot tea or beverage relaxes and soothes a sore throat caused by a cold and/or flu. However, sweeteners such as honey and sugar can cause cavity growth. Don’t deny yourself the soothing benefits, but try using a sugar-free alternative or brush your teeth soon after!

Book Your Dental Checkup In Calgary!

We at Quarry Park Dental care for the safety and health needs of our patients, team and loved ones. We have implemented many COVID-19 measures and protocols to ensure a safe environment for everyone coming in and out of our office. Including COVID-19 screenings, extensive sanitization, social distancing, and additional personal protective equipment. If you’re feeling sick, remember to stay home, wear a mask in public and wash your hands frequently.

Contact us now to book an appointment and ensure good overall oral health. We’d be happy to speak with you about our Calgary dental services such as wisdom tooth extractions, composite fillings, dental implants and more!

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