TMJ Disorder Treatment

At Quarry Park Dental, both Drs. Chattha, Gill, and Sonuhi are experienced in treating TMJ disorder (TMD). We offer a choice of treatments and have found success with alternative approaches like BOTOX®.

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What are TMJ and TMD?

 The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is located at the point where your jawbone and skull meet and is used whenever you eat, drink, speak, swallow, and even yawn.

TMD occurs when this joint becomes damaged or displaced through stress, trauma, and excessive teeth grinding. Symptoms of TMD include headaches, pain in the jaw, and an inability to completely open your mouth. You may also experience clicking and popping and inflammation of the jaw joint.

Additional problems caused by TMJ dysfunction include: ringing in the ears, neck and facial pain, limited head movement, wearing down of teeth, and dizziness.

The Dental Room provides relief from TMJ with BOTOX® with the following procedure:

While more traditional treatments often include mouth-guards and splints, The Dental Room focuses more on in alternative TMJ pain management.
When injected, BOTOX® relaxes the muscles around the jaw, reducing the spasms associated with TMD, and giving overused muscles a chance to rest and heal. BOTOX®s is easily controlled by the doctor and poses little risk when aftercare instructions are followed.

BOTOX® injections cause very little pain and are often described as a pinch. Our dentist will only continue treatment when you are relaxed. The length of the treatment depends on the severity of your TMD, and the number of injections necessary to treat it, but is usually under 30 minutes.
After the Procedure: Since treatment for TMD with Botox is non-invasive, there is little downtime, if any, after the injections. Dr. Chattha and his associates instruct you to avoid strenuous physical activity, not to rub your face, and to stay upright for a few hours so that the BOTOX® does not spread into adjacent areas.

While there is still some controversy surrounding the use of BOTOX® in treating TMJ disorders, the evidence clearly shows that this approach offers much-needed relief to the many people who suffer from this condition.

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